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Architectural Design | Project Management

Creative Art and Design, Inc. has over 25 years of experience delivering turnkey services from design through construction project management.


We specialize in high-end residential homes and provide our services to commercial developments and institutions.

What we do

  • Architectural Design

  • Urban Planning

  • Construction Plans

  • Interior Design

  • Building Zoning and ADA

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Owner's Representation

  • New Construction

  • Remodeling

  • Additions & Rennovations

  • Interiors

  • Project Management

  • Permit Administration & Consulting

Why Us?

What Makes Creative Art &
Design Different? 

For more than two and a half decades, Creative Art & Design has provided all-encompassing architectural services in the South Florida market, with a complete range of design and technical consulting services to support construction projects of any magnitude. Our portfolio includes a diverse array of projects, including custom homes, high-end restaurants, office buildings, and multi-family residential developments, all characterized by exceptional design quality and efficiency. Our focus is on contemporary architecture and maximizing the development potential of each site, incorporating innovative and relevant ideas into every project.


At Creative Art & Design, we prioritize personal attention and hold a strong belief in the transformative power of architecture. As a small, specialized firm, we are able to deliver projects of any size while maintaining a keen focus on detail and constructability that is often lacking in larger corporate firms. We approach each project as an opportunity to explore new design concepts while ensuring that our ideas translate into real, practical structures for people to use and enjoy.

We prioritize Architecture as our main focus. However, Creative Art & Design also takes pride in our ability to offer a comprehensive suite of services to our clients. This includes initial owner 's rep, financial feasibility, marketing, and development, as well as architecture and turn key solutions, all under one roof. This one-stop-shop approach ensures that our clients receive seamless and efficient project management, with every aspect of their project handled by a single, experienced team.



Should I Do the Project Myself?

Isn't This Really the Best or The Most Affordable Solution?

Homeowners often take home renovation projects by themselves under the false assumption that doing so will save them money. They believe that by hiring his own Engineers and Contractors on their own and overseeing the various components of the project, they'll not only get a home they love but also end up spending more money.


Unfortunately, this couldn't be further from the truth, and ironically, the biggest problems that arise from homeowners leading renovation projects relate directly to finances.

One major issue is the lack of detailed knowledge about costs. If you don't know the average cost of a specific aspect of the renovation, how can you tell if you're saving money?


For example, you might receive two or three quotes from window installation companies that are twice the price of purchasing directly from the manufacturer. However, because you obtained three quotes you may assume that's the going rate and end up paying more than necessary.


About Creative Art & Design CEO and Our Founder  Jacques Mandowsky

Mr. Mandowsky, who was raised in Colombia and is of Brazilian descent, won a national architecture contest for the design of the Musical Conservatory of Tolima, a 300,000 square foot institutional complex featuring a musical auditorium and School-College ranging from elementary to Bachelors in Arts and Music.. He also managed the design and construction of a residential complex in Bogota called Atardeceres de Suba, (Suba's Sunset)as well as tenant improvements for Aventura Corporate Center in Miami, where he designed over 45 tenant spaces to complete 90% occupancy. In addition to his architectural work, Mr. Mandowsky also managed retail stores in Aventura and South Beach. He was project manager for the Beit David Shul, a 16,000 square foot project, He was involved in finishing the Netive Ezrah Sinagogue and obtaining zoning approval for Chaps After School Program for Jewish Kids.

Mr. Mandowsky has recently been involved in upgrading exterior areas in South Miami and Coral Gables with Pool areas, including Trellis, Decks, and glass fences around pools. He has also been designing and building apartments, as well as beautifying different residences in Turnberry Way and Bal Harbor in Aventura. He designed and did the Construction Management for a residence in Golden Beach, During construction, the property was sold, and Mr. Mandowsky helped the client to choose Construction Source as the builder for its quality and price. A redesign was undertaken based on the new owner's requirements and their interior designer's specifications, resulting in a beautiful project with outstanding views, a water fountain at the entrance, a meditation area in a semi-open space, and a beautiful entrance projecting a visual of the pool and Intracoastal canal, adorned with large pieces of art on either side of the main corridor.

In Highland Lakes, he designed a 10 bedroom residence with an innovative ICF material, which provides excellent energy efficiency  insulation, and structural protection.

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