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Creative Art and Design, Inc waoriginally started in Bogota, Colombia by registered architect Jacques Mandowsky, Along with the company Crea Construcciones, Creative Art & Design won a national award with The Musical Conservatory of Ibague, Tolima, with over 360,000 S.F. of a Musical complex including an auditorium with seating for 2,500 people.

Jacques Mandowsky designed a residential complex - Atardeceres de Suba, in Bogota, Colombia which includes 240 modern Apartments, which was built and promoted by the Israeli Multinational Solel Boneh Intl.


In Miami, Jacques Mandowsky joined Leonard Laforest, P.A. For over 20 Years, this  architectural company works along with several clients, including developers, such as REMS, Lease Florida, and S&H Development.

 Our attention to detail, quality of work, and the personal approach we convey to our clients has earned us many clients in the private sector. By understanding their needs, budget, and by inviting them to participate in the design and budget process, our clients have been highly satisfied.


Our knowledge and experience has allowed us to take our projects to the highest level of sustainabilityand is a freflection of our success.


The versatility of Creative Art & Design is evidenced by recent projects including residence styles from modern to.  Mediterranean in Miami Beach (north Bay Road) and a contemporary residence in Golden Beach. 

Detail, quality of work & the personal approach

High end experience, after working in Interior Design with  CKI International and Lyn Wilson and Associates, Jacques  was able later on his own, to do the Interior design and build to a friend and Client at 'Du Cap' in Williams Island, 

Working in Retail stores for a Nation retail chain stores, as well as an opulent showroom designed for Kevin's Jewelers in the Pembroke Lakes Mall


Another excellent goal was a variance to obtain 12 stories, in zoned area where only 4 stories could be built. west to Aventura, (W. Dixie and Ives Dairy), later, a new developer made the Beacon Tower, a class "A" office building.


We are now approving a multi use 12 stories residence-hotel that includes commercial in the first 2 floors, which will serve the residences and Hotel in West Dixie and 192nd Street. 


In Project management, Jacques has been involved with the Aventura-Highland Lakes Community, with Construction Source,  where as Project manager built Beth David Shul synagogue, as well as the completion for the Synagogue Netiveh Ezrah, who merged with congregation Ner Ytzchak.

Recently where approved plans for Zonning change for  ChabadCHayl of Highland lakes  a beautiful building of 16,000 S.F.plus the designand now in construction of a  residence in Highland Lakes with a very high standard of insulated walls with interior solid concrete “web type cells” for maximum insulation and energy savings for the project


In the commercial sector, We are aproving a retail store for Linex of North Miami and we have done several Retail Stores, Restaurants, (Apropo, Atlavda) in the area of Aventura Mall and surroundings.

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We have over 20 yrs of experience with the most recent Florida building codes. We understand construction systems that will make your new project sustainable, and at a very competitive price.

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